Gas Engineers & Gas Safety

For obvious reasons gas safety cannot be taken lightly.

Natural Gas and LPG are both extremely explosive in air and can lead to a potentially fatal outcome when allowed to escape.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is also potentially fatal. Carbon Monoxide is a clear odourless gas which can be inhaled and cause severe health issues leading to death in severe circumstances.

Given the above it is clear that gas appliances must meet stringent installation and maintenance criteria.

Choosing An Engineer

Gas Engineers in the UK are regulated and authorised by Gassafe Register.

Gassafe are responsible for maintaining the registers of qualified gas engineers, including checking their qualifications and ongoing monitoring of the engineer’s knowledge and work.

When choosing an engineer from an advertising source the advert should feature the Gassafe logo if the engineer/company are Gassafe registered.

Every engineer has an individual Gassafe ID card which they should show you prior to commencing any work in your property.

This ID card also includes on the reverse the class/type of work the engineer is qualified to undertake.

Gassafe offer access to their register of engineers and you can check an engineer’s status with Gassafe.

When considering an engineer other things to consider are:-

  • 1.

    Level of experience?

  • 2.

    Membership of quality trade bodies such as Which Trusted traders?

  • 3.

    Have they got good reviews in various places?

  • 4.

    Ask them for referrals.

  • 5.

    Can they offer extended guarantees?

  • 6.

    Can they cover a range of types of work so that their advice is all encompassing?


If for any reason you feel unsure contact Gassafe on tel:0800 408 5577 or visit their website Gassafe

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