Cold Water High Pressure Solutions

Cold Water High Pressure Solutions

High pressure from the main can be destructive. Where this is a particular problem in an area and the pressure at the main is very high the local water authority may well introduce a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) into the service pipe to each individual property if they cannot restrict the pressure on the main network.

Water Meter

In certain rural parts of Devon the pressure at the main is I excess of 16 bar.

If the water authority has not restricted the pressure to your property it is wise to consider the use of a Pressure Reducing Valve to protect your house. This would typically be installed after the cold water stop cock to protect your whole house.

Pressure Reducing valves are manufactured with varied pressure step downs, It therefore follows that if the incoming mains working pressure is14 bar a valve designed to reduce from 10 bar to 3 bar will not suffice.

Pressure Reducing Valves of varying capacities are available and you should seek advice from your engineer as to the correct valve.

Roman lead pipe

Some Pressure Reducing Valves can also be adjusted to suit the demands of an individual property.

In certain circumstances it is possible to consider the use of more than one Pressure Reducing Valve to step down gradually to prevent too much pressure shock to an individual valve.

It is possible to fit Pressure Reducing Valves to protect an individual piece of equipment but protecting the whole installation is always preferable.

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