Gas Safety Check and Servicing

Gas Safety Check and Servicing

MTS Heating Services is able, as a Gassafe registered engineer, to offer Gas Safety Check inspections and appliance servicing to clients.

MTS Heating Services offers a service to clients in Exeter and throughout most of Devon.

Gas safety legislation requires that certain categories of people require an annual safety check of their gas appliances such as Landlords and Housing Associations.

This gas safety check will include a full check of the gas installation at the property. The gas safety check may or may not include a service of the appliance(s). Servicing is not the same as a gas safety check and is undertaken as an addition to the gas safety check.


When performing a service of an appliance the gas safety requirements are taken into account. However this will only be in relation to the particular appliance being serviced and will not include other appliances in the property.

However, even if only asked to service a particular appliance if an engineer identifies a problem elsewhere on the gas installation the engineer will take the appropriate steps required when a dangerous appliance or installation is identified.

Servicing is really the ongoing maintenance of appliances to ensure their correct and safe ongoing performance. MTS Heating Services recommends appliances are serviced at least every 12 months unless the manufacturers instructions indicate a different interval.

In the case of modern boilers annual servicing is required to maintain the boiler warranty.

Similarly an appliance breakdown is a separate issue to the service and is an additional aspect to maintenance.

Who Must Have A Gas Safety Check?

  • Landlords
  • Housing Associations
  • Local Authorities
  • Hotels and B&Bs (Including Air B&B)
  • Colleges
  • Boarding Schools
  • Hostels

MTS Heating Service has a detailed description of the requirements and performance of Gas Safety Checks in the Gas Safety Check for Landlords section on this site.

As a brief summary, these are the main aspects :-

The gas safety check is required every twelve months.

Failure to undertake checks and provide a gas safety certificate by a Landlord is a criminal offence.

The gas engineer undertaking the safety check must be registered with Gassafe.

The gas engineer undertaking the safety check must be registered with Gassafe.

The gas engineer will check the following.

  • The gas meter and pipework installation.
  • The gas Appliances.
  • The correct ventilation provision for any gas appliance if required.
  • The correct installation suitability and performance of any appliance flue if required..
  • The correct installation and suitability of any gas appliances.
  • The correct operation of any gas appliances including checking of the requisite gas pressures and combustion performance.
  • The correct operation of any gas safety devices on any appliance or the gas installation.

Continue reading about areas of inspection during a gas safety checks such as gas meter and pipework installation. which is another aspect of the gas safety check.

MTS Heating Services provides the highest possible standards in gas safety checks inspections. Call today on 07971-784046 to arrange your gas safety check.


The government via the HSE have made special provisions re the Covid-19 crisis and Landlord safety checks. We recommend hat you visit the Gas Safe Register site for further information

Alternatively direct to


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