Gas Safety Check for Landlords

Gas Safety Check for Landlords

The Gas safety Check (Installation and Use) regulations 1998 outline your duties as a Landlord to ensure all gas appliances, fittings, chimneys and flues are safe and working correctly, to comply with Gas Safety Checks for landlords.

If you are letting out a property with gas appliances installed then you have three main legal responsibilities.

  1. 1. Gas Safety Checks for Landlords

  2. To ensure your tents safety all gas appliances and flues need to undergo a safety check every year by a qualified and registered gas engineer.

    Once this has been done the engineer will supply you with a Gas Safety Certificate. This certificate details all the checks that have been carried out. It will also detail any remedial work that may be required by you as the landlord.


    In the case of serious defects the engineer may contact you to ask permission to turn off or disconnect the gas appliance. The engineer will then issue a warning notice to you and place a DO NOT USE label upon the appliance or gas service.

    You can arrange for a gas safety check for landlords any time from 10 to 12 months from the last safety check without affecting the original check expiry date. If it is less than10 or more than 12 months from the original date you will end up with a new expiry date.

    Appliances owned by a tenant are not the landlords responsibility but any flue or gas service a tenants appliance may be connected too must be checked. This also applies to the ventilation required.

  3. 2. Gas Safety record for Landlords

  4. Following the gas safety check you will be given a gas safety certificate. A copy of this should be given to your current tenats within 28 days of the safety check. New tenants should be given a copy at the start of their tenancy.

    For tenancies less than 28 days ensure you keep a coy of the safety certificate and display a copy prominently within the property.

  5. 3. Matenance for Landlords

  6. You need to ensure all gas pipe work appliances chimneys and flues are kept in a safe condition.

    Check the appliance manufacturers guidelines for service intervals. If you cannot access these then Gassafe recommend at least an annual service unless otherwise advised by you Gassafe engineer.

    There are technically no formal requirements for record keeping but you will be required to show regular maintenance. We therefore recommend all service and safety check records are maintained.

    It is worth noting that there are instances when homeowners do not consider themselves a landlord. If you are accepting payment for a lodger (even if family) you are a Landlord and the Regulations apply.

MTS Heating Services provides the highest possible standards in gas safety checks for landlords inspections. Call today on 07971-784046 to arrange your safety check.


The government via the HSE have made special provisions re the Covid-19 crisis and Landlord safety checks. We recommend hat you visit the Gas Safe Register site for further information

Alternatively direct to

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