Hot Water Solutions

Hot Water Solutions

Hot water for cooking and bathing has been a human priority for millennia. Although it might be said that the bathing and hygiene requirement has only been seen as an increasing necessity over the last three centuries.

hot water for domestic washing and bathing

The use of hot water for domestic washing and bathing are our primary concern as heating engineers.

Hot water is generated a number of ways which fall into the category of directly or indirectly heated.

Directly heated water has the heat source directly to the water to be used. Indirect water is heated by an outside source with the water to be used heated by pipes or cables attached to the external heat source.

In modern domestic premises hot water can be further categorized into that which is instantaneously heated and that which is stored.

Roman lead pipe

Instantaneously heated water is typically from a combination boiler or water heater.

Stored hot water in a hot water cylinder or thermal stores can be heated from a number of sources such as gas boilers, electric boilers and renewable energy sources.

To look at the various types of hot water generation we need to break them down into various categories is the easiest way to do this is by considering the energy source.

The principle energy sources are :-

  1. Gas or LPG
  2. Electricity
  3. Renewable Energy Sources
  4. Solid Fuels
  5. Oil (domestic kerosene)

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