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Boiler Servicing - Why?

It is our experience that the majority of boiler owners do not have their boiler serviced on a regular basis.

Given that the boiler is probably the most important domestic appliance in the home it is hard to understand this attitude.

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There does seem to be a fit and forget attitude when it comes to modern boilers. Owners of older boilers and Oil land Solid Fuel boilers do seem to be more proactive when it comes to servicing

It is generally recommended that a boiler be it gas, oil, LPG or solid fuel should be serviced at least one every 12 months.

Summertime is a good time to consider this. Firstly because the boiler isn’t in use and secondly the boiler service will mean that the boiler is operated if only briefly and therefore not be stood idle for 3 months!

Historically, boilers needed at the very least a regular clean of the burner compartment and heat exchanger to prevent the build up of combustion products on the burner and heat exchanger. This still very much applies to oil and spoiled fuel appliances.

As part of the service process the combustion performance and other aspects of the boiler operation need to be checked.

Modern fanned flue gas boilers have a much cleaner burn and operate more efficiently. In many cases the manufacturers stipulate that the combustion chamber need not be disturbed providing that the combustion process is correct.

Why then do we need to service the boiler?

  1. 1. Safety.
  2. 2. Efficiency
  3. 3. Maintenance
  4. 4. Warranty
  5. 5. Cost Saving


Does this really need any explanation?

When the combustion process is correct the two main by products are Carbon Dioxide and water.

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Carbon Monoxide in sufficient quantities is lethal to Humans.

Therefore if your appliance is burning incorrectly and the products of combustion can enter the room it can be and has unfortunately been fatal.

This is particularly a risk point for open flue appliances which take their combustion air often from the room in which they are situated.

Most modern boilers tend to be room sealed and take their combustion air from outside which is inherently safer. However, high Carbon Monoxide levels are undesirable and are a risk.


If the boiler is not burning correctly then the combustion process becomes inefficient with a potential increase in fuel costs to achieve the same heat output. More likely the performance of the boiler will begin to degrade and fall away

The combustion process is not the only aspect that can affect the efficiency of the boiler.

Within modern boilers there are many working parts that need to be checked on a regular basis to ensure their correct operation. As a simple example the boiler circulating pump.

In addition the system to which the boiler is attached should also be checked. Many central heating systems are not maintained and therefore become dirty and subject to sludge build up.

Sludge will reduce the boilers performance significantly and if not rectified may kill the boiler completely.


Simply put boilers need to be maintained. The performance of all the parts, both mechanical and electrical, need to be checked regularly.

The slight failure of one part may have a significant knock on effect on others within the boiler.

A simple leak or drip within the boiler, although not noticeable on a daily basis, can over time do significant damage within the boiler.

If the boiler isn’t checked how will you know?


Most modern boilers now have substantial warranty terms typically ten years or more.

All manufacturers will stipulate that an annual service is a condition of the warranty. Indeed the warranty will be voided if the service schedule is not maintained. This was relaxed to some degree during the COVID lockdown period.

The benchmark forms in the installation and maintenance instructions contain a service schedule that should be completed by the service engineer every year.

The warranty is a valuable commodity. People without a warranty will often take out a service contract just in case at a cost usually in excess of £200 per annum.

If you have a warranty you don’t need the service contract! A boiler service depending upon the appliance should only cost £60-£80 a year.

Unfortunately the number of people who don’t keep up the service schedule despite having a warranty is significant.

We cannot understand why anyone would let this happen.

Cost Saving

Having your boiler serviced reduces potential costs.

Better efficiency, reduced repair bills and warranty retention are seriously good reasons to get your boiler serviced.

Remember, always make sure that the engineer is a registered Gas Safe engineer like MTS Heating before letting them service your boiler.

MTS Heating Services provides the highest possible standards in <u>gas boiler service</u> inspections. Call today on 07971-784046 to arrange your boiler service today.

Frequently asked questions

Boiler Servicing

A boiler service can be performed on most types of boilers, including gas, oil, and electric boilers. However, the specific service procedures may vary depending on the type and model of the boiler. It is important to have a qualified professional like MTS Heating who are Gas Safe registered perform the service to ensure the safety and efficiency of the boiler.

There are a few ways to ensure that your boiler is being serviced correctly:

  1. Hire a reputable and qualified professional: A qualified and experienced heating engineer will have the knowledge and skills to properly service your boiler.
  2. Ask for a service report: A reputable engineer will provide you with a detailed service report, which will include a list of any issues that were identified and addressed during the service.
  3. Check for safety certifications: A qualified engineer will have the appropriate safety certifications, such as Gas Safe registration, to indicate that they have the knowledge and skills to work safely with gas boilers.
  4. Check for any guarantee or warranty: Some companies provide a guarantee or warranty for their work, which can give you peace of mind that the service has been performed to a high standard.
  5. Ask for a visual check of the boiler: A good engineer will show you the internal and external parts of the boiler, explaining the condition and the safety status,
  6. Ask for a test of the efficiency and performance: A good engineer will test the efficiency of the boiler and show you the results, giving you an idea of the performance and the expected lifespan.

A typical boiler service typically takes between 30 minutes to an hour. However, the length of time can vary depending on the type and make of the boiler, as well as the complexity of the service being performed. Additionally, if any repairs are needed, the service may take longer. MTS Heating will be able to give you an estimate of how long the service will take after talking to you when scheduling your appointment for a boiler service.

Yes, they do. Boilers need regular maintenance to keep your central heating system running reliably, effectively and safely.

A boiler service and a gas safety check are two different types of maintenance that should be performed on a regular basis to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your boiler.
A boiler service is a routine maintenance check that is performed to ensure that the boiler is in good working order and that all of its components are functioning properly. This typically includes checking and cleaning the burners, checking the flue, and checking the overall condition of the boiler. The service may also include checking and adjusting the boiler's controls and safety devices.
A gas safety check, also known as a Landlord Safety Inspection, is a check that is carried out to ensure that all gas appliances and flues in a property are safe to use. This typically includes checking that appliances are properly installed and are operating safely, checking that all necessary safety devices are present and functioning, and checking that the property's ventilation is adequate. It also includes checking for any gas leakage and ensuring that the carbon monoxide alarm is working properly.
In summary, a boiler service is focused on the internal components and efficiency of the boiler, while a gas safety check is focused on the safety of the appliance and the property where it's installed.
Remember MTS Heating can perform both boiler servicing and gas safety check.

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